Frequently Asked Questions

What is BeliRaq?

BeliRaq Dance Fitness is an aerobics class that focuses on muscle isolation and cardio designed for women and men. The routines are choreographed with different styles of belly dance moves and music. This program is intended to help women with confidence, to feel more feminine, loose weight, to get out of the house or what you desire for yourself! Let BeliRaq be your fitness worth dancing for!

Is it like Zumba?

It is similar in the sense of dance fitness. However, BeliRaq focuses on teaching the participants about muscle control without fast, jerky, jumping or twisting motions that could cause injuries. All though it is helpful to increase the heart rate with constant high intensity movements, we teach BeliRaqers that moderate intensity with low impact can still increase your heart rate and burn calories and stay injury free.

I am uncoordinated; I don’t think I can do it.

If you can walk to the beat of music, you can dance. There are many people, who take BeliRaq, that are at different levels of learning on how to dance. It comes down to repetition, which is what our routines are based off of. We dance to several moves and repeat all of them over and over throughout the routine and sometimes in different sequences. We are here to help! You can do it!

I’ve never taken dance, belly dance or dance fitness before. Is it hard?

No problem! We are happy that you chose BeliRaq to start venturing in the world of dance! Anytime you are unsure of any dance, it’s as simple as learning how to walk. If you can walk to music, you can learn how to dance. The rest is just feeling the music and moving to it! In the BeliRaq routines, we give you options to choose which version you would like to modify so it fits your needs, fitness goals and/or level.

How young or old do I have to be to BeliRaq?

If you can walk and can follow moves in a group class setting, BeliRaq encourages all ages. We have had as young as 13 and women BeliRaqing in their 70s.

I am not really fit, will I be able to keep up.

No worries! We understand that everyone is at a different fitness level. During a class, we show beginner, intermediate and advance moves so everyone can pick and choose what they desire. If you are starting out on your fitness journey it is important to slowly progress and not push yourself too hard the first few weeks of BeliRaq or working out in general. Your body needs to adjust and it’s important to practice injury prevention.

I have an injury, can I still BeliRaq?

Great question! As long as you have the “Ok” from your physician, you can BeliRaq. We love practicing injury prevention and keeping our ladies safe. In class, we show you different modifications that you can do if you have injuries to your knee, lower back, spine, neck, and or shoulders. We strongly encourage those with injuries to modify during routines to prevent any reoccurring injuries