BeliRaq Dance Fitness was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado 2011. It began its first class at an Anytime Fitness and Bally’s Total Fitness. Ladies at Bally’s were very welcoming to this new program and became popular because of the combination of belly dance and fitness moves. In 2012, the program began to travel due to the owner’s future husband being in the Air Force. BeliRaq started classes in Texas at the Losano Fitness Center on the AFB and later added a new class in town at Core Fitness. During the summer of 2012, the class was held at the Altus Fitness Center and later BeliRaq started a class at Freedom Fitness. Moving from Oklahoma to Washington was a big, yet, successful change for BeliRaq. It was the time to start settling BeliRaq and allow it to grow. BeliRaq has been thriving in Washington due to multiple locations, demos, boot camps and workshops, and developing products. Throughout all the states BeliRaq has been taught, the program has been changing for the better because of the helpful feedback from all of the participants. Coming into a class now, you will experience a fitness program that includes more cardio, a mixture of belly dance and Bollywood and moderate/high intensity, low impact moves. However, this fitness program doesn’t stop here, in the near future, we will continue with other specialty classes that include props, DVDs, and certified instructors. BeliRaq is fitness worth dancing for your health, confidence and just having fun!