• Why BeliRaq?

    BeliRaq is a full body, aerobic, fitness program that is designed to enhance a woman's healthy lifestyle, no matter what age or fitness level!

  • Isolation is key!

    The fitness choreography is design to isolate specific muscle groups to give you a quality and targeted workout.

  • Come to a class!

    BeliRaq Dance Fitness is a great alternative to traditional exercise for weight loss, calorie burning, and stress relief. It's fitness worth dancing for health, confidence and FUN!.

Why BeliRaq?

BeliRaq is a fitness program and is inspired by the art of belly dance, an art originally created for women by women. The tradition continues, as this workout is a gathering place in which women can enjoy exercising with other ladies. Whether you're wearing a coin belt, exercising with your friends or kicking butt at a BeliRaq boot camp this will help enhance the fitness experience while bringing out the attitude of belly dance and a smile to your face!

Are you at a beginner, intermediate or more of an advance level? No problem! BeliRaq welcomes all levels! Belly dance celebrates the beauty of all women and so does BeliRaq. With many levels of layering, each member can choose how complex or how deep of a workout she wants. This means that beginners will find a satisfying workout along side avid gym goers who prefer a stronger intensity.

BeliRaq Dance Fitness